Monday, 8 September 2014

new york fashion week | ss15

I am ashamed to admit that prior to studying fashion and textiles at university, my passion for fashion (excuse the cliche statement) was through drawing, blogging and obsessive reading of magazines. I was never too keen on keeping up with the more sophisticated fashion weeks which occurred annually in February and September. I considered the fashion shown to not really be something I could strive for, but now looking back I regret not jumping in and simply using the internet and social media to keep up to date. Just because I wasn't able to buy the products shown shouldn't mean I couldn't watch it - it's fantastic just to watch the action unfold, even if you are sat at your desk or in your bed, and the clothes shown are bang on, or ahead of, trends and show you what will be on the high streets months in advance.

Potentially I wasn't quite drawn to keeping up to date with the fashion weeks because it is called "fashion" week, and I am more drawn to textiles. However, I think watching it live can allow the fabrics to seem real and close up photographs usually uploaded instantly after a show offer stunning glimpses of high quality fashion, and it is then that you see that textiles is just as prominent, with many designers not only focusing on tailoring and intricate dressmaking, but using textile techniques such as embroidery, print work and weave, to name a few, which can offer me valuable inspiration.

Vivienne Tam SS15 RTW

My favourites of New York Fashion Week, which began on Thursday, have been Vivienne Tam and Phillip Lim. Vivienne Tam's show was simply amazing - there was so much inspirational pieces in there. Landscape prints and detailed embroidery finished up with my absolute favourite pieces from NYFW so far, beautiful Ming inspired ceramic prints interspersed with mesh.

Phillip Lim was just as unique, and I think offered a very cool activewear inspired collection with cool futuristic vibes, and the piping and unique contouring neckline which warped to the left was to die for.

Phillip Lim SS15 RTW
I also have been lucky in the fact that I managed to find an interesting remote internship to write at Catwalk Yourself, a fashion encyclopaedia, about all the shows at NYFW. It's been a really valuable experience for me and a good lesson in making sure to keep on top of assignments and using time management to ensure things are done on time! You can find all the SS15 RTW reviews here, and naturally the reviews with a US flag are ones I have written.

Below is some coverage of the NYFW shows, if you fancy catching up yourself!